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We have experienced intermittent issues with our online meal ordering site today. If you have difficulty placing an order for your student's meal for Wednesday (10/21/20), please email our Nutritional Services team - [email protected] and [email protected]
The Upper Arlington Schools Nutritional Services staff takes great pride in providing our students with nutritious, tasty, and visually appealing lunches and snacks. Items sold or served at our schools meet very strict state and federal requirements, which are based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines.

Hybrid Learning Meals

Nutritional Services offers pre-ordered meals for students on their in-person learning days. For information about pre-ordering meals on the in-person learning days for your student, please click here, or continuing reading below.

How will students receive their pre-ordered meals? All student meals will be delivered to the classroom. Elementary students will be in their homeroom, and middle and high school students will eat in either their 2nd or 6th period class, depending on the day of the week. 

How do I pre-order my student's meal? Meals can be pre-ordered by visiting the UA preorder link or scan the QR code for online ordering on the UA Nutritional Services webpage. Each meal includes a choice of entree, fruit and/or vegetables and milk. When pre-ordering your meal, elementary families will select their students' home classroom for delivery, and middle and high school families will select their students' room for either 2nd or 6th period. 

For directions on how to set up your pre-ordering account and more information, please click here.

What is the cost for meals? Thanks to a USDA waiver, all students enrolled in Upper Arlington Schools (preK-12) will be able to receive free lunch through the month of December, or until federal funding is no longer available. At the high school and middle schools, grab-and-go breakfast will also be available for no charge, and a la carte options will still be charged to students’ EZPay accounts. We will communicate with families in advance of any changes to this temporary federal program. 


Remote Learning and Online Academy meal pickup

If you would like to pick up meals for your student’s remote learning days, or for your Online Academy student, please contact Director of Nutritional Services Irene Hunt at [email protected].

Lunch Menus

All Upper Arlington schools use a digital menu system that offers families more information about the meals we're serving students.

You can access nutritional and allergy information and digitally create meals with your student to help them make healthy choices in the cafeteria. And all of this is accessible by visiting our Menus webpage or through the "Web Menus by Isite" app that you can download to your phone or tablet! 
To download the app, search the App Store or Google Play for “Web Menus by Isite Software.” On welcome screen, select the name of the school building.  Once you access each school, they will automatically show under "Schools" on your app. 
To learn more about Upper Arlington Menus and Menus by Isite, view a presentation of how to use the menus website and app in the Downloads section of this page.

Prepaying for Your Child's Meals

Families have two options for prepayment for student meals. You may add money to your student's lunch account online through SPS EZPay.  You may also deliver a check made payable to Upper Arlington Schools to the cook at your child's school.

To pre-order meals from Nutritional Services, please scan the QR code or visit the Online Meal Ordering website.
Free and reduced price meals application


Irene Hunt
Director of Nutritional Services
[email protected]

Pam Thompson
Secretary to Director of Nutritional Services
[email protected]
1650 Ridgeview Road
Upper Arlington, Ohio 43221
Phone: (614) 487-5244 
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