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Master Plan Design Phase

The Upper Arlington community came together during a two-and-a-half-year facilities master planning process to craft a long-term, financially sensible master plan for the district’s aging schools. After the community-driven master planning process, Upper Arlington voters approved rebuilding the high school and renovating or rebuilding all five elementary schools.
While volunteer building teams created conceptual site plans for the buildings during the master planning process, the projects weren't designed yet. In December of 2018, the Board of Education launched a design phase for all of the new or renovated school buildings. 
The theme throughout the master planning process was "your voice matters," and this remains true during the design phase. Several teams of community members, staff members and students have come together during the design phase to inform the process of developing site and building plans for a new high school and five new or renovated elementary schools. In May of 2018, initial draft building and site plans for each of the six projects were shared for feedback from community members and staff members through community-wide meetings and weeklong online surveys.
Community members, staff members and students will continue to come together over the next few months to inform the process to implement the first phase of the community’s master plan and design facilities to support the changing needs of Upper Arlington learners for generations to come. 

July 2018 Community Meetings

Updated draft building and site plans for all six projects were presented to community members for feedback at the Community Building Design Team meetings on July 9.  The draft plans were updated based on feedback gathered from community members in May as well as the construction estimates completed in June.

View the July 2018 draft plans
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