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Family Update - May 21, 2023

Dear Families,

Thank you to the PTO and all of the volunteers who made the 6th grade class party a huge success!  Our students had a great time!


To avoid any inconvenience, please bring a photo ID with you if you will be coming into the building next week for the 8th grade celebration or any other activity.  We take the safety of our students and staff very seriously even on the last day of school.  For the 8th grade celebration specifically, we will have several office team members available in the front of the building to expedite this process.  Thank you for your cooperation!


Students are expected to remove all items from their lockers this week.  Any items left behind will be donated or disposed of this summer.


We will continue to fine tune student schedules throughout the summer.  Although you might be able to see a draft version at some point, we will send out communication to let you know when your student’s schedule is “official.”  A summer family update will be sent at the end of July with beginning of the school year details.  Until then, enjoy a break!


It has been a wonderful year!  Thank you for sharing your students with us.  They make us laugh, brighten our day, challenge us at times, and bring us so much joy!  We hope you enjoy a safe and happy summer!


Warm regards,

Aimee C. White

Heather Markward


MAY 2023:

May 22 - Spring Athletic Recognition Night

May 23 - Fall Pro 2023 Informational Night, 7pm

May 25 - 8th Grade Celebration

May 25 - Last Day for Students, Early Dismissal, 11:35am

May 28 - UAHS Commencement Exercises


JONES WEEKEND UPDATE - Click here to watch this week's episode of Jones Weekend Update.


ID REQUIRED TO ENTER JONES - Please remember in these last days of school that if you are coming into Jones during the school day, you are required to show an ID - either a driver’s license or your SafeSchool ID is acceptable.


SUMMER READING REQUIREMENTS FOR RISING FRESHMEN - Please see the attached summer reading requirement for freshmen going to UAHS.


8TH GRADE CELEBRATION - The 8th grade celebration will be held on the morning of May 25 beginning at 8:25 am in the auditorium.  We expect the celebration to end at approximately 9:20 am.  Parents are invited to participate in an 8th grade clap out and to enjoy refreshments in the cafeteria immediately following the celebration.  Because this is intended to celebrate the whole class, individual awards and certificates will be sent directly to families or presented at other spring events such as upcoming concerts or the athletic recognition night. If you are planning to come, please bring ID so you can enter the building. A driver’s license or your SafeSchool ID on your phone will be accepted. 


JMS FALL PRODUCTION 2023: SEUSSICAL JR. - Students entering 6th, 7th, and 8th grade next year and their families are encouraged to attend an Information Meeting on Tuesday, May 23 from 7:00-8:00pm in the Jones Auditorium to learn more about the upcoming Fall Production--Seussical Jr.  Students can be involved on stage as Cast members or backstage as Tech Crew.  Meet new friends and make lifelong memories!  Plan ahead now so you are prepared for Fall Pro to start at the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year!

Link for students to join our Canvas Page:


Once students join the Canvas page on their iPad, parents can see all materials as Canvas observers.


JONES FOOTBALL 2023 - If you are interested in playing 7th or 8th-grade football next fall, please plan to attend the Spring Kickoff Meeting on Wednesday, May 24th at 6 PM in the Jones Auditorium.  Each player and one parent need to be in attendance.  Please contact Coach Oliver at [email protected] if you have any questions.  


GIRLS SOCCER PARENT/ATHLETE MEETING  - If you are interested in playing 7th or 8th grade girls soccer next fall, please plan to attend the Kickoff Meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd at 6:00PM, in the Jones Learning Center. One parent needs to be in attendance.


THE CLASSLINK FAMILY PORTAL - ClassLink is a single sign-on system Upper Arlington City Schools uses with students to provide a single location to access curricular resources.  We now have a Family ClassLink environment.  This single sign-on system will provide families one location to access all of the systems, sites and resources you need to manage the Upper Arlington student experience.  Summer is a great time to get your account active and prepared for the beginning of the 2023-2024 school year.


Custodial parents and guardians who have a current email address noted in PowerSchool, are automatically set up with accounts.  If you are a custodial parent or guardian, and do not have an email address in PowerSchool, contact your school office to have your contact information updated.  Once updated, it will take 24 hours for the account to be created.


Please CLICK HERE to find instructions on how to access your custodial account. This resource will continue to grow and evolve with recommendations made by families, staff and students.  Feedback or questions can be directed to [email protected]


MANAGE STORAGE AND PREPARE YOUR IPAD FOR THE NEXT SCHOOL YEAR - When your iPad runs low on storage space, it can cause many problems — crashing apps, random restarts, apps not working as expected, and more. Take a few minutes at the end of this school year to set yourself up for success next year by looking at ways to clean out older items you no longer need! 


Visit Managing Your iPad in UA Mobile Learning Resources to learn more.


LUNCH INFORMATION FOR LAST DAY OF SCHOOL - On the last day of school, students will be released at 11:35am.  Due to this, there will not be a normal lunch service on that day.  We are excited to offer a pre-order lunch option your student could pick up before they are released on the last day. If you would like to have a pick-up lunch for your student, please complete the form below by Friday, May 19th.  This will assist us in ensuring we have your student's lunch ready for pick-up prior to being released on the last day, Thursday May 25th. Boxed Lunch Option will include choice of entree and bottled water.  All meals will include fruit and veggie sides.  Cost: $3.25


To order, please click on the following link:   Jones Last Day Pre-Order Pick Up Lunch Link


SUMMER READING REQUIREMENTS FOR JONES MIDDLE SCHOOL - Students at each grade level should expect to engage in classroom activities based on their summer reading choices during the first week of the 2023-24 school year. These activities, including written and spoken responses, will require students to be knowledgeable about their summer reading text. We strongly encourage students to purchase their own copy of the text so that they may highlight, flag and annotate key passages that may be of help to them in their language arts classrooms.

  • 6th Grade - The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis
  • 7th Grade - The Schwa Was Here, Neal Shusterman
  • 8th Grade - Students may read either a fiction or non-fiction book of their own choosing, based on their interests. Their selection should be age and grade-level appropriate, and should fall within the Lexile range that is suited to their individual ability.  Your student’s most recent STAR assessment provides their estimated Lexile range.


SUMMER ACADEMY REGISTRATION - Upper Arlington Schools is proud to offer an exceptional summer school program for our students for the summer of 2023. Summer Academy 2023 will offer comprehensive academic and well-being programming. Course descriptions and schedules for Summer Academy 2023 are available on the Summer Academy website and registration is now open. All courses will be offered free of charge for 2023 thanks to federal funding. Course offerings are at this link:



Register for classes through Upper Arlington’s UltraCamp site.


To create an account:

  • Go to Upper Arlington’s UltraCamp site and click “New User”

  • Complete all of the required fields

  • On your UltraCamp homescreen, click “Add a Person” to add a student to your account and complete all of the required fields


COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS - Community Service Hours for the 2023-24 school year can be completed during the summer prior to the following school year. If your child is interested in volunteering with the Upper Arlington Public Library, click here to see summer opportunities.


JONES YEARBOOK - You can now place your orders online for a 2022-23 Jones Yearbook. Yearbooks can be purchased anytime between now and May 2023. 


Please go here to order your 22-23 Yearbook: Yearbook Order Link






PTO DEI Committee

"The Jones PTO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee is committed to supporting the District as it works to ensure that every member of our school community feels welcomed, valued, and supported. We would like to invite you to sign up to receive communications and opportunities for engagement from the Jones PTO DEI Committee. 


"Learn more about the UA Schools’ DEI commitments."


Become a PARENT/FAMILY Mentor and join Family Connect!

The Jones PTO is looking for families to join our Family Connect Program!  Please review the information below and reach out if you have interest! 


Family Connect Program:  We are here to help connect new families who could use help navigating all things related to school and community (such as academics, sports, clubs, PTO, extracurriculars, community traditions and celebrations, etc.) to those families who have more experience. Our end goal with this program is to promote hospitality and friendship.

If you are interested in learning more about being involved in this program please email [email protected]



Join The PTO



Your PTO membership dues help fund programs and projects to enhance our students’ overall experience, such as …

  • School Speakers ( examples have included Houston Kraft, Alex Sheehen)
  • Middle School Tailgate
  • Mini Grants – supporting classrooms & teachers with items such as new microphones, service learning, portable microscopes & new benches
  • Teacher Appreciation
  • Access to the Jones Online Student & Staff Directory. (All PTO members will receive an email with a link and temporary password for the online directory )



TheStand Project is an Upper Arlington community action project focused on the prevention of substance misuse and committed to standing by students and families in finding help. 



Vaping is a significant concern among young people across the country, including Upper Arlington, and rates of use continue to climb. In collaboration with valued community partners in UA Schools, UAPD, and local medical and behavioral health experts, The Stand Project has updated and re-released this 7-part series of short videos to educate the community about the facts and risks of youth e-cigarette use - including Aimee White's segment on the effects of nicotine on "Teen Brain Development."

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