Hybrid Learning

What is Hybrid learning?

Our Hybrid learning model is a blend of in-person and remote learning for students. This model allows for a reduced number of students (approximately 50%) in the buildings at any time and 6 feet of physical distancing as recommended by public health officials. The rotating hybrid schedule approved by the Board of Education — known as 3-2 / 2-3 — maximizes the number of in-person learning days for students.

During the in-person learning days, students will engage in teacher-led learning experiences based on academic standards and prepare for independent online learning assignments at home.

During their remote learning days, students will independently complete assignments via their grade-level learning platform: Seesaw (K-3) or Canvas (4-12).

Hybrid schedule and transition plan

Hybrid schedule graphicStudents will be placed into two groups for the Hybrid learning model. These groups will apply only when the Hybrid learning model is in effect in our schools and will not be used during Enhanced Distance Learning.

Group 1 — last name beginning A-K — will attend school in person on Mondays, Tuesdays and some Wednesdays. Group 2 — last name beginning L-Z — will attend school in person on Thursdays, Fridays and some Wednesdays. 

Kindergarteners will attend at their assigned time (AM or PM) on their scheduled days.

In light of encouraging health data, the Board of Education directed Superintendent Paul Imhoff, Ed.D., and district administrators in early August to create a plan to ensure a successful transition from Enhanced Distance Learning to the in-person hybrid model for students in the school-based pathway.  A draft of the transition plan was requested by Friday, August 14, and the Board of Education reviewed and approved a transition plan on Tuesday, August 18. 

The hybrid transition plan will have all of our students in the school-based pathway back in school the week of September 21.

The hybrid transition plan:

  • Special education: Special education students who would qualify to attend five days a week during the hybrid model will begin a phase-in to full-time instruction on Monday, August 31.  These students will continue to receive full-time, in-person instruction for the remainder of the current EDL period and the hybrid period.  

  • Elementary in-school transition days — Week of September 14:  You can view the Elementary In-School Transition Days schedule here for Barrington, Greensview, Tremont and Windermere. K-5 students will each have one in-person transition day in their schools, based on their grade level and assigned hybrid grouping, during the week of September 14. The elementary schools will operate with fewer students in the building during this transition week, allowing students to become accustomed to the facilities and health and safety protocols in small groups. 

  • Wickliffe In-School Transition Schedule: At Wickliffe, this will look a little different so we can keep our 2 / 3 classes together. You can view the Wickliffe In-School Transition Days schedule here.

  • Middle school and high school in-school transition days — Week of September 14:  You can view the Secondary In-School Transition Days schedule here. Students in grades six and nine will each have one in-person transition day on Thursday, September 17 or Friday, September 18 based on their assigned hybrid grouping. New-to-the district students and students on Individualized Education Plans in grades 7-8 and 10-12 have the option of attending on the transition day that corresponds to their assigned hybrid grouping.  

During the week of September 14, when students do not have an in-school transition day, they will be engaging in independent remote learning assignments or teacher-supported Enhanced Distance Learning, depending on their hybrid grouping and grade level. You can view the Enhanced Distance Learning and Remote Learning Schedules below:

You can view the videos below that walk through the transition week schedules for elementary and secondary students.

Transportation and nutritional services will be available during the transition week.

Health and Safety Protocols

During Hybrid learning, the following health and safety protocols will be implemented:

  • Parents assess and report students’ health before school
  • Face masks required for students and staff per district policy
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of surfaces
  • Frequent hand sanitizing
  • One to two students per seat on buses, with masks required
  • Lunch in classrooms and other spaces as needed with allergy precautions in place
  • No visitors or volunteers
  • No shared student supplies
  • No lockers (secondary level) and care taken with cubbies at elementary schools
  • One-way hallways when possible
  • No field trips
  • No overnight travel
  • No large group student events
  • SACC students attend on scheduled in-person learning days only (beginning September 21)
  • Extracurricular activities will continue with precautions
  • No in-person after-school enrichment classes (elementary level); PTOs may choose to offer virtual after-school enrichment opportunities
  • No in-person after-school clubs
  • No facility rentals for interior spaces

Reference documents from health officials:

Hybrid Learning Meals

Nutritional Services will offer pre-ordered meals for students on their in-person learning days beginning Monday, September 14. For information about pre-ordering meals on the in-person learning days for your student, please click here, or continuing reading below.

Please note that the last day for Enhanced Distance Learning meal pickup is Friday, September 11.

How will students receive their pre-ordered meals? All student meals will be delivered to the classroom. Elementary students will be in their homeroom, and middle and high school students will eat in either their 2nd or 6th period class, depending on the day of the week. 

How do I pre-order my student's meal? Meals can be pre-ordered by visiting the UA preorder link or scan the QR code for online ordering on the UA Nutritional Services webpage. Each meal includes a choice of entree, fruit and/or vegetables and milk. When pre-ordering your meal, elementary families will select their students' home classroom for delivery, and middle and high school families will select their students' room for either 2nd or 6th period. 

For directions on how to set up your pre-ordering account and more information, please click here.

What is the cost for meals? There is currently no charge for elementary students through December 30th due to a USDA National Waiver. Middle school meals will be $3.75 and high school meals will be $5.00. (There is no charge at middle or high school buildings for students who qualify for free/reduced meal benefits.)


Remote Learning and Online Academy meal pickup

If you would like to pick up meals for your student’s remote learning days, or for your Online Academy student, please complete this form. Meals will be available for pickup beginning Tuesday, September 22.


Traditional attendance procedures will be followed for the in person hybrid days. The district will use an “evidence of participation” approach for the remote learning days.  Further guidance on attendance is forthcoming from the State.

Learning platforms

Students and teachers will utilize the following online learning management systems based on their grade levels. Parents will be able to monitor their students’ work and progress by using a parent account.

Canvas (grades 4-12) student account and parent account
How to create a parent observer account in Canvas

SeeSaw (grades K-3)

Learning resources

UA Mobile Learning Resources hub — Families may access our UA Mobile Learning Resources hub to learn more about our technology resources, how to support their students' learning, and how to get the most out of their district-issued iPad and other technology tools.

In addition to the above platforms, students will be using Zoom, our district’s video-conferencing tool, to connect with their teachers and classmates.

Student services

Special education: Intervention specialists and related services providers will collaborate with the general education teachers in order to ensure all specially designed instruction is provided to students in collaborative, resource, and small group settings based on students’ Individualized Education Programs (IEP).

Through individual IEP team meetings, students who participate in a significantly modified curriculum and spend the majority of their day in a self-contained classroom will be considered for a schedule in which they would attend all five days in person.  Students may be assigned as a cohort to join their general education peers as appropriate and meet exclusively with their student services team (intervention specialist, related service providers, etc.) on the other days. 

Gifted Services: Gifted intervention specialists will provide gifted services based on students’ Written Education Plan (WEP) and Written Acceleration Plan (WAP) during their pull-out service setting. 

Well-being supports

We are committed to supporting the well-being of every student always and especially during these unpredictable and uncertain times. The following well-being supports will be available to any student in any learning model, including Enhanced Distance Learning:
  • Focused support and programming in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion
  • School counselors K-12
  • School nurses
  • School psychologists
  • Prevention clinicians (Syntero)
  • Referral services for mental health specialists
  • Community-based educational programs and supports
  • School counselor facilitated groups
  • Advisory groups

Please reach out to your school counselor, nurse or principal if you need support. 

Flexibility as we move forward

All plans are subject to change based on evolving conditions, data about the status of the pandemic, and recommendations or guidance from public health authorities and the scientific community.

Hybrid information sessions

Please view the virtual information sessions for families about the transition to the hybrid learning model for students in the school-based pathway. 

Tuesday, September 8  — Elementary-level information session - view on YouTube

Wednesday, September 9 — Jones Middle School information session - view on YouTube

Thursday, September 10 — Hastings Middle School information session - view on YouTube

Monday, September 14 at 6 p.m. — High School information session - view on YouTube

Important Documents

This planning tool reflects the hybrid group schedule for in-person and remote learning days that will be used when the district is in the hybrid learning mode. Learning modes are likely to change throughout the year.
Approved by the Board of Education on August 11, 2020

Facial covering medical exemption form

All students will be required to wear a face mask (covering nose, mouth and chin) for the 2020-2021 school year. Exemptions may be granted due to documented medical, developmental, behavioral or individualized needs of the student. If you wish to request a medical exemption for your student, please complete and submit this form to your building principal. To review the Board of Education's facial covering policy, please click here

Please promptly submit your medical exemption form to your building principal for processing.

View text-based website