Senior Project Spotlight

The Senior Capstone Project is the culmination of each student’s academic experience at Upper Arlington High School. This is a genuine way for seniors to merge their interests, passions and curiosities with their academic goals. Seniors are given the opportunity to demonstrate the autonomy, complexity and uniqueness of their Senior Capstone Project both in a written format and through the oral presentation of their project before high school peers and teachers.

In place of the Capstone Project, seniors in the Community School at Upper Arlington High School engage in a full-time, self-designed independent study exploration known as the Odyssey Project. These quarter-long projects may involve career-related experiences, community service endeavors, opportunities to hone practical skills, participation in college programs, involvement in a research project or the pursuit of a creative endeavor. 

We welcome community ideas for our seniors. Please feel free to submit those ideas by filling out the online form below.
Paige Plagenz

Capstone Spotlight: Paige Plagenz, The Influence of Art on Society

For her Capstone Project, Paige Plagenz (Class of 2019) explored the influence of art on society — both studying an artwork by an 18th-century artist as well as writing, illustrating and publishing her own children’s book, Cookie Moon. More +
Gabrielle Adams

Capstone Spotlight: Gabrielle Adams, Titan: Saturn’s Extraordinary Satellite

For her Capstone Project, Gabrielle Adams (Class of 2019) wrote a nonfiction book about Saturn’s largest moon, Titan. She hopes to eventually pursue publication of the book.  More +
Alden Trotter

Odyssey Spotlight: Alden Trotter, "The Room Where It Happens"

For his Odyssey Project, Alden Trotter interned for State Senator Stephanie Kunze and her lead legislative aide after having developed an interest in government during his junior year thta he wanted to explore. More +
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