Graduation Requirements

Upper Arlington Schools is committed to challenging and supporting every student, every step of the way — to ensure their success in our classrooms and beyond. Our mission guides our work to support every student so that they successfully complete graduation requirements. Students are encouraged to carefully plan a program of studies that will assist them in reaching their educational and occupational goals. 

Due to changes in state law, Ohio has introduced new graduation requirements for students in the classes of 2021 and beyond. Upper Arlington High School will make every effort to keep students and parents informed about the status of progress toward completing the necessary coursework for graduation requirements. 

The changes are focused on these three areas:

  • Fulfill Course Requirements — earn a minimum of 21 credits in specific subjects.
  • Show Competency —earn a minimum score on two specific end-of-course exams, or pursue alternate options after two attempts on the state exams
  • Show Readiness — choose a Pathway and earn Seals that allow students to demonstrate one or more of the following: academic and technical knowledge, professional skills, social and emotional competencies, or learner and reasoning skills.
Upper Arlington Schools is committed to effectively communicating with students and families about these requirements and the various options that students may pursue. Please access the links below for additional information about the requirements.

Classes of 2023-2025

Classes of 2026 and Beyond

Ohio Department of Education Resources

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