Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees

The Upper Arlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame held its inaugural ceremony in April 2017. Legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus of the Upper Arlington High School Class of 1957 was the Hall of Fame's first inductee. A member of the class of 1957, he excelled at not only golf but also basketball. Nicklaus, known as the "Golden Bear," went on from Upper Arlington High School to win 18 career major championships as a professional golfer.  “I will always be a Golden Bear,” Nicklaus said. “I am really honored to be inducted.”

Since then, the Upper Arlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame has recognized numerous graduates, retired coaches and friends of the program. For more details on nominating someone for the Upper Arlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame, please visit this webpage

Jack Nicklaus

Athletic Hall of Fame Inductees


Jack Nicklaus, 1957 — golf and basketball


Jack Graf, 1937 — basketball
Dale Hartney, coach — cross country, track and field, and girls basketball
Rex Holman, 1988 — wrestling and football
Lynda McCandlish Phlipot, 2002 — girls lacrosse
Radonna Miller, coach — girls and boys volleyball, softball, girls tennis and girls baketball
L. Marvin Moorehead, coach — football
Peggy Odita, 1986 — track and field, and girls basketball
Rick Slager, 1972 — football and boys tennis

The 2018 inductees


Dudley Beaver, coach and athletic trainer — girls basketball, softball, baseball and boys basketball
Denny Dicke, 1969 — football, and track and field
Elaine Ferritto Calip, 2003 — girls swimming and water polo
Dick Fryman, coach and athletic director — tennis and wrestling
Terry Gilmore, 1975 — boys lacrosse
Doug Goodsell, 1951 — football, boys basketball, and track and field
Abby Johnston McGrath, 2008 — girls diving
Fred "Curly" Morrison, 1945 — football

Five inductees from 2019


Jeff Backes, 2001 — football, boys basketball, and track and field
Gus Crim, 1966 — football, boys basketball and baseball
Kirsten Flower, 2006 — girls tennis
Jim Hamilton, coach and athletic director — basketball and golf
Blake Haxton, 2009 — crew
Tim McClellan, 1987 — wrestling, cross country, and track and field
Audrey Plant, 2010 — softball
Bill Ruoff, friend of the program
Dave Shelby, coach — lacrosse and tennis
Lee Spitzer, coach — wrestling, lacrosse and cross country

The 2020 inductees


Simon Fraser, 2001 — football
Bo Hoag, 2007 — boys golf
Grant Jones, friend of the program — team physician
Peter Linn, coach — swimming
Greg Lopez, 2002 — baseball
Emily Mikac Oakley, 2005 — field hockey and track and field
Dan Rohrs, 1979 — track and field
Mackenzie Tesner Skellan, 2002 — girls soccer
Ted Wolford, coach — lacrosse

2021 inductees


Laura (Drauglis) Shaw, 1990 — track and field
Chris Dusseau, 1995 — water polo and lacrosse
Walter Heischman, coach — basketball
Tricia (Hoptry) Honeycutt, 1988 — basketball
Dick Larkin, coach — football, basketball, swim, golf, tennis, and track and field
Kristin McCandlish, 2005 — lacrosse
Ted McNulty, 1969 — football
Laura (Mills) Moore, 1996 — softball
Mark Pfister, 1982 — football
Shawn Trell, 1985 — lacrosse

The 2022 inductees


Jax "Mo" Black, 1992 — track & field, gymnastics
Bill Cook, 1958 — basketball, baseball
Paul W. "Pete" Corey — coach, football
Dan Donovan — friend of the program, "Voice of the Bears"
Steve Dusseau, 1998 — lacrosse
William Robert "Bob" Jencks, 1959 — football, basketball
Cathleen (Aschinger) Pugh, 1980 — swimming
Tom Saunders, 1964 — wrestling
Dan Sebastian — coach, tennis
Sam Sebastian, 1989 — tennis
Sarah Wall Fortier, 2002 — soccer
Artie Wolfe, 1985 — swimming
Eight inductees to the Upper Arlington High School Athletic Hall of Fame in 2023 - seated and standing overlooking Golden Bear Boulevard in the high school
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