President’s Volunteer Service Award

Last year, 92 UAHS students put in over 8,000 hours of community service helping many different organizations and causes.

UAHS gives the President’s Volunteer Service awards in TWO categories with the following requirements:

The class of 2025 and 2026 (sophomores and freshmen)  are eligible for the TEEN President's Volunteer Service Award:

  • Bronze Award - 50+ hours

  • Silver Award - 75+ hours

  • Gold Award - 100+ hours

The class of 2023 and 2024 (seniors and juniors) are eligible for the YOUNG ADULT President's Volunteer Service Award:

  • Bronze Award - 100+ hours

  • Silver Award - 175 hours

  • Gold Award - 250+ hours

All hours must be completed between March 2, 2022 and March 1, 2023. All hours must be completed and submitted by March 1, 2023. This national award will be presented to qualifying students in April of 2023.

Need help recording your hours? 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: HOURS MUST BE ASSIGNED TO THE DATES THEY WERE COMPLETED. You cannot put more than 16 hours on one day, or add a note that says “these hours were performed every Saturday for the last year.” This extra work is appropriate for this national award. Thanks for recording your hours when you completed them!

All volunteer activities are subject to the UA Rules for Community Service:

  • Completed without pay.

  • Completed for someone other than a family member.

  • Completed for the school or service agency/organization. 

  • Youth in the Booth does not count as community service, unless you have donated your pay and can produce a receipt.

  • All political activities must be non-partisan (i.e., working for the League of Women Voters or Get Out the Vote. NOT - working for a specific campaign for a candidate)

  • Extended service trips/camps can receive a maximum of 18 hours per day. This includes 6th grade camp (maximum of 48 hours for 6th grade camp).

  • Religious activities count with the exceptions of teaching or preaching. 

Ideas for virtual service:   

Questions?  Jeanne Gogolski, Career Development/Service Learning Coordinator, Upper Arlington Schools, [email protected].

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